if you can’t even handle me at my usagi you do not deserve my sailor moon

I started a new blog; it’s called Lily’s Journal
And you can’t follow it because it doesn’t have a url and is actually a moleskine. This is my very silly way of saying I’m taking a break to really focus on my mental health problems in a progressive way. I feel like I come on here/fb/ig to “distract” myself from my problems but instead I am compounding them by never letting the thought processes “resolve”, if that makes sense. Instead of stopping to acknowledge insecurities or issues, I try to wait for them to dissipate without ever really being addressed.
I feel a lot better since deciding to meditate regularly but I also see a lot of work still to do.
If you have any advice or reading material you want to share I’d be so grateful. Otherwise see ya in a bit! ♡

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The Tailor - Beyond the Physical

it’s oddly really discouraging when people with very little substance to their personality get so much recognition. it baffles me and reminds me just how silly and mediocre people’s standards are, especially on the internet.

then again, i’m preeeeetty mediocre too.